The PSS Kedam patrol boat had transported supplies to Palau’s southwest islands and brought with it government and medical staff to extend health and other services to people.

The vessel, which was captained by PSS KEDAM captained by Mayce Sinaich Ngirmeriil left Koror on April 25 for a one-week mission to the southwest islands. The crew delivered supplies to Sonsorol and Pulo Anna and also brought medical staff to attend to the people’s health needs.

The mission was made in addition to the PSS Kedam crew’s surveillance mandate. Natural Resources, Environment, and Tourism Minister Umiich Sengebau and Maritime Advisor LCDR Toshiaki Tomita also joined the crew for the mission.

The crew and other government staff also visited Hatohobei state to conduct invasive plant species eradication and also visited the Helen Reef Conservation Area.

Palau National Communication Corporation (PNCC) staff also visited the islands to assess sites for new communication systems including internet capability.

The mission was concluded successfully and the crew and staff were able to return safely to Koror on May 1.

PSS KEDAM was donated by the Nippon Foundation to Palau in December 2017. (PR)