Keiden Kintol. Photo Courtesy: MInistry Of Justice

The Public Information Office (PIO) under the Ministry of Justice(MOJ) is set to get a new officer as the old one bids goodbye.

Keiden Kintol who has served as an officer in charge of PIO since its establishment is set to pursue his future aspirations.

The in charge of the PIO will now be Earnest Ongiodobel who also acts as the Chief of Staff of Vice President Raynold B. Oilouch.

Even though Kintol has announced it to the press, an official announcement from the MOJ is pending as of Thursday.

“This change is not in any way caused by the Office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Justice, but truly a career move” Kintol said in his address to the press.

However, Kintol hasn’t addressed his plans for future endeavors.

As the official announcement is pending, there has been no communication with Ongiodobel or the Vice President about the change in the position.

The responsibility of the official in charge of the PIO includes communication with the media and guarantee transparency.

“I will truly miss being part of the Media, it too was an honor to learn in this field.” Kintol adds. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)