Palau Conservation Society, Koror, Palau- The Palau Legacy Project and the Palau Conservation Society continue to take science teachers from public schools to the Rock Island Southern Lagoon. The purpose of the trips is to introduce science teachers to the Palau Legacy Project / Palau National Marine Sanctuary local outreach activities and service learning opportunities by coordinating one day learning-focused boat trip.


The teachers will be able to conduct and support school activities tied in with the appropriate learning targets of the students relating to the Palau Legacy Project. Invited speakers are local scientists such as Adelle Isechal, PCS board member and conservation practitioner Francis Toribiong, outreach officer from the Division of Marine Law for challenges and operations of patrolling the Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

The photo above is Rengiil Bausoch from the Division of Marine Law and Jennifer K. Gibbons from the Palau Legacy Project talking to teachers on a boat the PNMS and Palau Legacy Project. Trips for the science teachers are still ongoing. PCS, Division of Marine Law, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism, Dept. of Coastal Management of Koror State, Palau National Marine Sanctuary and Friends of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary are partners in implementing these science teachers field trips. There will be activities for students in schools in the future. [/restrict]