Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) teamed up with Palau’s hospitality industry managers to conduct a second assessment of Kayangel’s tourism potential on July 29-30, 2020.

The second assessment brought forward perspectives of well-experienced managers of Palau Pacific Resort who volunteered their time for this project: Alex Suzuki – Executive Chef (34 years), Amelia Olebuu – Credit & Collection Manager (30 years), MotolBrell, Food & Beverage Manager (17 Years), Simon Ramarui – Executive Housekeeper (20 years), Yumie Morishita – Sales & Marketing Manager (10 Years).

The group was given the opportunity to experience a visitor’s typical day in Kayangel from accommodations to activities such as, snorkeling, fishing, and land tour. When the day concluded, the group shared their thoughts on what can be done to enhance the experience of a visitor.

Accommodation owners for instance, were given recommended options on room amenities, food presentation, as well as other simple service gestures that a guest may appreciate.

PVA would like to express warm appreciation to the hospitality industry volunteers for their valuable time and expertise. We look forward to continue similar joint collaborations for the remaining states.

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