Asia Dive Expo 2019 with a theme of ‘Dedicated to Ocean Plastic Free Future” was held at Suntec Singapore Convention.

This year Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) along with its yearly industry partners, Fish’N Fins, Sam’s Tours and Live a Boards invited Koror State Government representatives.

Due to other pressing matters, Governor Gibbons decided to cancel his participation, but sent in his stead, Director of Public Works, Mr. Leslie Tewid, Administrative Specialist, Ms. Vanessa Salii and Business License Technician, Ms. Mouais Kangichi.

Aside from the show activities, the Koror State representatives were able to visit some companies in Singapore that specialize in water filtration systems, water and sewage management , harbor cleaning product manufacturing, and live aboards waste water disposal systems.

Overall, they were very impressed with Singapore’s cleanliness from land to water.Representing PVA were Board of Directors Chairman, Mr. Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl, Vice Chairman, Mr.  Shalom N. Etpison, Operations & Programs Director, Mr. Kadoi Ruluked and Marketing and Programs Manager, Ms. Alessa Aguon. Chairman Tmetuchl was invited during the show to be one of 10 panelists for the discussion about sustainable tourism.

While on stage, Chairman Tmetuchl took the time to share Palau’s conservation efforts, highlighting First Lady Debbie Remengesau’s Palau Pledge efforts and President Remengesau’s National Marine Sanctuary and Protected Areas initiatives.

During the discussions, each panelist shared their challenges including policing dive areas and entertained the idea to zone the water activity areas to have diving, beginning/experienced snorkeling areas but more importantly, to have park rangers stationed at all sites.

The team also took time to visit the Singapore Botanical Garden escorted by the National Parks Board Director, Ms. Jacqueline Teo. (PR)