Photo Credit: Naomi Seid

Palau Visitors Authority kick started their Ocean 16 Cleanup at Kayangel the northern most part of Palau on June 28th.

A team of 50 people consisting of PVA staff, Kayangel community, and employees hired through the re-employment program assembled to pick up trash at two different beach locations in Kayangel.

In the end, they successfully picked up 60 bags worth of trash then delivered to Koror State Solid Waste Management for data sampling.

Locals mentioned that 50 years back, trash could not be found in the shores. Now, foreign trash washes on to the shore everyday.

Kayangel State Ranger Lazarus Meyar said that “trash is a significant problem in our home state of Kayangel because it is not our trash. We do not know how to go about this to stop it. I am a ranger, but really a conservationist.”

A good amount of turtles resides in Kayangel and Lazarus monitors them every morning. The foreign trash poses as a threat to marine life.

Lazarus went on to say that “if you have trash, please dispose of it properly. If not, it will harm whatever is in the ocean, which you will consume, as well as your family and friends.”

Kayangel is the first state that PVA started their Oceans 16 Cleanup. PVA plans to dispatch a larger team to help clean the other remaining 15 states.

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