A view from the Japanese Lighthouse in Ngarchelong State that is being developed by the state government in partnership with the Palau Visitors Authority.

The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) and Ngarchelong State government held a soft launching for Todai, the Japanese Lighthouse, in Ngarchelong on Friday last week.

There to launch and witness this occasion were Ngarchelong State Governor Richard Ngiratrang, Delegate DilmaiSaiske, Speaker Dwight Ngiraibai, Floor Leader Dwight Ngirchemat, Ollei Legislator Abraham Osima, Ollei Chief Tet Singchi Sato, Ngermetong Legislator Brynn Demei, and Mengellang Legislator YoheiMerur. Representatives from Palasia Hotel, Palau Royal Resort, Impac Tours, and Palau Chamber of Commerce were also present at this occasion.

There to represent PVA were members of PVA Board of Directors, Vice Chairman Shalom Etpison and Olkeriil Kazuo, Managing Director Stephanie Nakamura, State and Community Manager Katarina Mad, Marketing & Programs Manager Alessa Aguon, and PVA Staff.

Ngarchelong is the second state inducted to the PVA Alii Pass program. This occasion was to present to the public a glimpse of a much larger picture of what is envisioned for Ngarchelong.

PVA extends gratitude to Governor Ngiratrang, the state government, the community of Ngarchelong, and all partners and urges the public to take time to visit and enjoy what Todai has to offer.  (PR)