As the warmth of the Palauan people filled the Night Market Ernguul Park venue on Friday, February 16th, tourists and locals alike were entertained by great performances by dance groups and local musicians and were offered FREE WIFI to post their experiences and Like the Pristine Paradise Palau Facebook page.


Weena, Neil, and Opee sang out the Oldies but Goodies, and throughout the evening, the audience was also treated to surprise classic performances by Willander Ngotel, Senator John Skebong, and Eric Saburo. By the time the Ngardmau Men’s Dancers began the Ruk, the stage front was crowded with excited children and visitors, eager to watch the war dance. A graceful Contemporary dance was performed by Angaur Women’s Dancers. With a blessing of rain, visitors crowded under tents and inside the stage as the Palau Polynesian Dancers began their performance with an amazing solo by former member of the Palau Polynesian Dance group June Cabral. Towards the end of the performance, the audience was invited to join the dance group, filling up the floor.

Cultural demonstrations included weaving by Remurang Renguul of Ngardmau State and storyboard carving by Shannon Aguon. Also present was the Japan Embassy who was there to promote the upcoming Japan Fair on February 25th by offering Origami (paper folding) and games for children.

With twenty-one vendors selling delicious foods and handicrafts, the road between Ernguul Park and Palau National Gym was closed to allow more vendors. Throughout the night, a total of $7,382.70 in food, clothing, handicrafts and gifts was sold to 343 visitors and 1,052 locals. The FREE WIFI also attributed to boosted vendor sales, allowing visitors to post some of the Night Market favorites including roast pork, fresh vegetables, gelato ice cream, Indian food, fried egg rolls, barbequed meats, mangrove crab (chemang), mangrove clams, local fruit, as well as fish, tapioca and taro prepared in so many different ways, and much more.

Videos and photographs are posted on the Pristine Paradise Palau Facebook page so please visit to watch the night’s highlights! PVA would like to thank Kambes Kesolei for posting his Night Market images and videos on Facebook and YouTube, as well as Eco-Paradise FM for their live broadcast of the Night Market and the Bureau of Public Safety for traffic control and security. The next Night Market will be held on March 2nd. Vendors note that space is limited, so reserve your table early if you would like to sell and/or display your products. The deadline to sign up for a table at the Night Market is Thursday, March 1st before 4:00pm at the PVA Office in Medalaii. Also, if you and your group have a budding talent and would like to perform at future Night Markets, please contact Kate Mad at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]