In 2016, Palau was awarded the bid to host the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) New Tourism Frontiers Forum on November 15-17, 2017. This event will draw up to 300 participants from a global community of tourism professionals and highlight Palau’s efforts to create a sustainable tourism industry.


In preparation for the Forum, a PATA Advance Team from PATA Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand visited Palau from February 12-17. The Team consisted of Ms. Puangthip Chotipantawanon, Director Events (Mam), Mr. Apipat Pruangkarn, Direct Communications (Paul), and Mrs. Sutarat Chalothorn, Assistant Director Conference & Logistics. The objectives of their visit were to identify venues, accommodations, and technical tour sites for the three-day Forum. The team was able to visit some hotels for possible conference venues and some states of Babeldaob and the Rock Islands for possible sites for technical tours. In addition, the Team conducted several meetings with the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) in order to plan the details of the Forum.

Furthermore, the PATA advance team met with the leadership of both houses of the Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK); the Senate was represented by the Honorable Hokkons Baules, Senate President, Honorable Phillip Reklai, Floor Leader of the Senate and Chairman of the Tourism Development Committee, Honorable John Skebong, Vice Chairman of the Tourism Development Committee of the Senate, and Honorable Kerai Mariur, member of the Tourism Development Committee of the Senate. The House of Delegates was represented by the Honorable Sabino Anastacio, Speaker of the House of Delegates and Honorable Marino Ngemaes, Chairman of the Tourism and Aviation Committee of the House of Delegates. PVA and the PATA Advance Team would like to thank both the Senate and the House of Delegates leadership for their valued time in meeting with us and the support to the upcoming Palau New Tourism Frontiers Forum.

For more information, please contact Kadoi Ruluked, PVA Marketing & Community Programs Manager at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]