Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) is revamping its website which will offer a “one stop shop” information portal to potential visitors to the country.

Kadoi Ruluked, Marketing Manager for PVA said the website will also contain contents to promote businesses in Palau and also link those businesses website.


“PVA is heavily investing in the digital platform, so that we are revamping our website target November 1 to launch it and we will be improving it as we go along,”  Ruluked said.

He said that PVA is also partnering with Trip Advisor to have a Palau page and provide digital data to PVA to be able to tell how many have booked in the country and other information that is relevant to the promotion and improvement of the tourism industry.

PVA has also been reaching out to industry partners from tour operators, dive operators, restaurants, hotels, gift shops and state governments among others to the sites will be more responsive to tourists needs.

Ruluked said the website will also give the tourism industry an opportunity to highlight their businesses through linking to the PVA website.

He said that a lot of money has been invested to the site to give visitors an informed platform that will guide them in booking trips or planning their vacation in Palau.

PVA has also been focusing promotions in Taiwan, Japan and Korea to tap potentials visitors from the area especially that there are direct flights to Palau from those countries.

PVA is also working with states governments to help them tap into tourism potentials of other areas in Palau. (By: B. Carreon) [/restrict]