The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA), Bureau of Tourism (BOT), Palau Chamber of Commerce, and Belau Tourism Association have joined forces in conducting a survey on the impact of COVID-19 to tourism stakeholders.

PVA Managing Director Kadoi Ruluked said in an interview that the goal of the survey is to assess the current and prospective situation of the tourism sector.

Ruluked said the survey will track down how the tourism-related businesses in Palau have been affected by COVID-19 due to border closure and lockdowns 

He said all answers provided to the survey will be handled in confidence. 

“We evaluate their business resilience and continuity and their concerns in reopening the borders,” Ruluked said.

The private sector is the hardest hit by the threats of COVID-19 especially due to the absence of tourists.

The survey is targeting all tourism stakeholders from tour operators, hotels, restaurants, and those who are affected by the pandemic. 

Ruluked was quick to point out that the survey is not seeking responses to reopen tourism but to “gauged how they are doing, how they are operating on what level, have they laid off their people. We need to know what are the challenges they are facing right now.” (B.Carreon)