A 38-year-old man was arrested Friday on suspicion of rape and robbery after a reported home invasion on Wednesday.

A female was asleep at her residence in the Casa De Flores apartments in Agana Heights Wednesday evening when she awoke to a man tugging on her nightgown, according to Guam Police Department spokeswoman Capt. Kim Santos.


The man, identified as Marko Omwere, reportedly was cutting the female’s nightgown open with a knife and told her to stay quiet, Santos said.

The suspect was dressed in dark clothing, with a black T-shirt covering his face, Santos said.

Santos also stated the man proceeded to rape the woman, and demanded money and jewelry afterward.

The suspect then forced her at knife-point to use her car to drive him around to different places, before dropping him off in Hagåtña around 6 a.m. the following morning, according to Santos.

The Hagåtña Precinct Command cooperated with the Domestic Assault Response Team to find the suspect. Omwere was arrested Friday evening, Santos said.

During the investigation, Santos also said authorities found that Omwere had reportedly stolen a surveillance camera from another residence at the Casa De Flores apartments.

Omwere was arrested on suspicion of home invasion, burglary, felonious restraint, terrorizing, kidnapping, criminal mischief, assault, aggravated assault, assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct, four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree conduct and theft of property. [/restrict]