Ngirakerkur Dedeb Luii

P.O. Box 65

Koror, Palau 96940

(680) 488-1821

September 08, 2016

Moses Yobech
Koror, Palau 96940

Drar Mr. Yobech,

I am in receipt of your undated letter addressed to Director of Bureau of Lands and Survey Ms. Sterlina Gabriel. In your letter, you made accusations against me to effect of altering official public records under the color of office.  

[restrict] You requested Director Gabriel to discipline, or prosecute any actions. The act in which you accuse me of committing as unlawful behavior stems from a recent land court decision stating that I instructed Bureau of Lands and Survey personnel to superimpose on the Court’s exhibit 1 the portion of our claim 83 on the map.

Mr. Yobech, attached to this letter is a copy of the Court order dated June 14, 2012, signed by Land Court Judge Rosemary Skebong directing the Bureau of Lands and Survey to superimpose claim number 83 on the worksheet 2005B 07, the map referred to as Court’s exhibit 1. The Land Court directed the superimposition of the location of claim number 83.  Unfortunately, you have made this accusation publicly on Tia Belau Newspaper and caused me grief in my work place. These accusations are grounds for libel and slander complaints against you. I request that you immediately retract your statements to Tia Belau Newspaper with a written letter of apology addressed to Kerkur Clan and myself. I hope you will take my letter seriously as you have made criminal accusations that are totally unfounded. I intend to pursue this matter should you choose not to retract your public statements.

I await your response to this letter and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Ngirakerkur Debed Luii

Kerkur Clan

Cc: Director Sterlina Gabriel, Bureau of Lands and Surveys [/restrict]