Palauan referral patients and escorts commended Palau’s Medical Referral Coordinator in Taiwan for her dedication and commitment in helping referral patients.

In a letter addressed to Health Minister Emais Robert dated February 6, referral patients and escorts recommended to the Health of Minister to keep Palau’s Medical Referral Coordinator in Taiwan, Shirley Tebei, in her current post.


The referral patients cited in the letter that they had known Tebei during their time as patients in Taiwan where they were able to witness “firsthand her dedication and commitment to the patients under her care.”

“During our stay in Taiwan, Ms. Tebei was always there every day including weekends. Even those who stayed throughout the month of December and January, Ms. Tebei was there and this included Christmas and the New Year,” the letter read.

The letter further stated that Tebei always made time to stop by each referral house before going home in the evening, making sure that patients were comfortable and their living conditions were good.

“Ms. Tebei’s true commitment to her work and her spirit of helping and giving to others is evident in the overwhelming support from the former referral patients and escorts,” the letter stated. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)[/restrict]