President Tommy Remengesau Jr. last week delivered the opening video address at the World Economic Forum: Virtual Ocean Dialogue, a global online conference for ocean action which started June 1 to 5, 2020.

In a virtual address, President Remengesau Jr made a call for “blue recovery” citing that the border closure is keeping the virus at bay.

Untouched by coronavirus, the border closure however affected tourism revenues from 40% of GDP to zero.

“Let’s make our recovery from this pandemic a blue one,” he said,

According to the World Economic Forum website, The Virtual Ocean Dialogues “will connect communities across the world that are seeking innovation and taking bold action for a healthy, resilient, thriving ocean.”

The event will bring leaders and communities online from across the global

In the face of COVID-19, nations like Palau still “continue working for ambitious and urgent global action for a healthy ocean.”

In the address, Remengesau highlighted the Palau Marine Sanctuary as an example of ocean protection.

He said that the world cannot build back better without a thriving ocean to provide millions of people with food and jobs, stabilize our climate, protect our shores, and maintain the very fabric of life for the island and coastal communities.” (B. Carreon)