September 24 [Koror] His Excellency President Tommy Remengesau Jr says his platform is about the sustainability of Culture, Environment, and economic well-being for the future as one people and one nation during a rally at Long Island Park on September 24.


He said, sustainability is not just about the present generation but also the future generation. That is why the youth plays an important role of what the vision of Palau should be.

“I place great emphasis on the environment because I believe that the environment is not something we inherit from our ancestors, the environment is something that we borrowed from the future generations, that is how I look at it”, he says.

All the platform programs set whether, for education, health, environment, economic well-being, it is all centered upon believing that the youth of Palau are one that we should be working towards.

During his rally on Sunday he emphasized that no damages have been done and there has been progressive changes “so let’s get this last chance to do more!”

“If we are to win this primary election, it has to be the combination of the old people and the young people”, says the President on what it will take to win the election. [/restrict]