President Remengesau Jr. in a letter to Senate President Hokkons Baules, expressed his upset over a letter written by Senator Rukebai Inabo to PPUC Chairman Greg Decherong publicly accusing “ both PPUC and a private international corporation of unethical behavior” without giving Chairman Decherong the opportunity to respond to accusations before posting the letter online.

The letter, copy of which was posted on a Facebook forum Palau2013 and Beyond, was written on January 31 and posted on the same day.  The letter became public, reaching the management of Engie EPS in Italy before before PPUC Chairman even had time to respond, according to President Remengesau’s letter.

“In fact, this letter reached the management of Engie EPS in Italy before it reached me,” stated Remengesau.

Senator Rukebai Inabo, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Public Utilities, Communications and Housing Development, wrote PPUC Chairman Decherong expressing concern with the issuance of a Request For Proposal by PPUC for a solar-PV project, stating that “there is information that technical specifications and legal advice are coming from lawyers and officials affiliated with Engie EPS. In short, it seems Engie is assisting PPUC in the production of documents for the RFP” in violation of PPUC’s procurement regulations.

President Remengesau in his letter stated that after talking to both PPUC management and Engie EPS, both have not had communications since Engie’s last courtesy visit in December to make presentations to OEK.  Furthermore, he said that the new proposal that Engie EPS had promised still had not been submitted to PPUC.

“Whether or not your colleagues ultimately supported their first proposal, it is not in Palau’s best interest to dissuade Engie from making a better offer, especially in response to PPUC’s new RFP,” added President Remengesau.  “And it is not certainly in Palau’s interest to treat Engie so unfairly that other IPP’s are dissuaded from coming here.”

Remengesau warned of the impact of “unprofessional” or “reckless” behavior have on the reputation of reputable companies.  “Other IPPs are watching carefully and if they think we are behaving unfairly or unprofessionally,….it will become difficult to get any other offers.”

He calls on Senate President Baules to resolve disputes “without endangering Palau’s reputation or potential.” (L.N. Reklai)