By: L.N. reklai

July 18, 2017 (Koror, Palau) President Tommy E. Remengesau sent Senator John McCain (R) of Arizona, best wishes on his recovery on behalf of Palauans.


“Debbie and I are relieved to hear that everything went well and you’re resting up. On behalf of the leadership of Palau and your fellow Palauans, I wish you the very best as you recover,” stated President Remengesau in a letter to Senator McCain.

Senator McCain who had just underwent surgery to remove blood clot above his left eye, just announced that the abnormality they found during the surgery was indeed a brain cancer, glioblastoma. According to news from McCain’s office, he may have to undergo chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer.

Senator McCain, a decorated U.S. war veteran, former U.S. Presidential candidate and a Senator, is a good friend of Palau, having visited Palau a number of times.  He was conferred Palau honorary citizenship in 2013 by the Palau National Congress. [/restrict]