President Remengesau is urging the rest of the world to take “climate change” seriously, amid reports that United States, one of the world’s largest economy and carbon polluter is taking another path on climate policy.

“My fellow Pacific leaders and I take climate change issues seriously and we urge the rest of the world to start addressing the issues by putting their money where their mouth is. Stop talking and start working on solutions,” Remengesau stated.


The president told local reporters on Wednesday that small Pacific island nations, although contribute less to greenhouse gas emission are the vulnerable ones when it comes to the devastating effects of climate change.

“When it comes to climate change impacts and the effects of global warming, the reality is that Pacific Islands suffer the most,” Remengesau said.

The president reiterated that   Pacific islands are affected the most and hurt the strongest in terms of severity in weather conditions.

“So I know that my fellow Pacific Leaders are with me when I say that Climate Change and the effects of global warming must be addressed by the world’s top carbon emitters- including the U.S. , China, India,,” the president stressed.

The Trump administration is threatening to pull out of the Paris climate accord negotiated by the Obama administration, China meanwhile is   taking a leadership role in addressing climate change.

In a visit  recently by a Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat delegation led by the Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor, China has committed to become” a valued partner of the Pacific region  in progressing key issues on the international stage such as the issue of climate change.

Remengesau said Palau and the island nations will welcome any support from countries that will

Strengthen the fight against the impacts of climate change. [/restrict]