A renown musician and researcher of Hungary’s folk and traditional music, Jozsef Terek is in Palau, part of the traditional exchange program established between Palau and Hungary in 2017, performing Hungary’s traditional folk music in concerts on island.

On Sunday afternoon, he performed at Belau National Museum and today he will be performing at the Palau Community College at noon.  Public is invited and event is free.

Mr. Terek is travelling to various destinations holding concerts showcasing his country’s traditional folk music.  His primary instrument is a tarogato, a traditional musical wind instrument similar to a soprano saxophone with some difference unique to his country.

“I was very happy to see that Palau also has preserved its traditional music.  I’ve been researcher of our traditional music for many years and compiled folk songs that many have forgotten and they are now being taught in schools in Hungary.  It gives our people a sense of identity and I was pleased to see that in your museum as well,” expressed Mr. Terek in an interview with Island Times.

He said that he wishes to see more exchanges between the two countries, perhaps having Palauan musician of traditional music visit Hungary as part of the cultural exchange.

Mr. Terek will continue his performances in the Philippines, in Cebu, Davao with last big performance in Manila before the end of this month.

Country of Hungary is located in central Europe which capital city is Budapest.  It established diplomatic relations with Palau in 2017. (L.N. Reklai)