By: L.N. Reklai

Acting Director Omtei Ringang of the Bureau of Public Safety(BPS) of the Ministry of Justice will be a full fledge Director of BPS come March 26, 2017, announced Vice President/Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch this week.


Acting-Director Ringang has served in this acting position since Director Ismael Aquon was assigned to head the Belau Drug Enforcement Taskforce in November of 2015.

With Director Aguon’s resignation to take effect on March 26, Minister of Justice/Vice President Oilouch had designated Ringang to the position of the Director.

“As soon as Ringang takes his position, we will be looking at and discussing together other bureaus within the Ministry that have positions that need to be filled with permanent heads,” stated Vice President Oilouch.

“One such as example is the Division of Fish and Wildlife, which Ringang currently heads. With his promotion, that position will be vacant and will need to be filled,” added the Vice President.

Other divisions that still require permanent heads include Labor & Immigration, Marine Law Enforcement Division, and Division of Corrections. [/restrict]