The Republic of the Marshall Islands yesterday said that it is investigating a possible case of coronavirus with a 66-year-old Majuro resident currently isolated at the Majuro Hospital.

According to the government’s Ministry of Health and Human Services, the Person Under Investigation is being treated and that the patient specimen has been sent to a CDC-certified lab.

RMI Health officials said it is awaiting test results to confirm for coronavirus.

The patient has said to have just returned to Majuro from Washington State.

“The Ministry of Health and Human Services advise the public to remain calm and practice preventative measures,” the statement said.

It also urged the” public to not share rumors and misinformation but to use credible sources of information.”

The Ministry will continue to inform the public whether or not there is a confirmed case, it added.

Last month RMI issued a temporary ban on international travel by government officials, employees and those who work in state-owned enterprises.

All RMI government and sponsored official trips are also suspended with the exception of medical travel for patients approved by the RMI Medical Referral Committee, according to the travel advisory.

The RMI Ministry of Health and border control agencies have also implemented health screenings at the International Airport and Majuro seaport since Jan. 24.