February 2, 2017 (Koror, Palau)  In drizzling rain, Dr. Emais Roberts took his oath of office before a crowd of supporters, family, colleagues and the leadership of the Republic of Palau as the new Minister of Health. Vowing to bring the health care back to the community, Minister Dr. Emais Roberts assured that he will put every effort to bring health services to the community and pleads for the community to work with him to improve their health.


“There are less than 20,000 people in this country and we should know the health of each individual in each community,” stated Minister Roberts in his first address as a Minister of Health.

“Ministry of Health will work to improve the dispensaries and our hospital and i just request that everyone in the community do their part to take care of their health, to come regularly for health check up. Only when you are sick, then you can go to the hospital,” he added.

Minister Roberts  asked the public to offer their partnership and commit themselves to safeguarding their health. As the backbone of Palau’s healthcare system, Ministry of Health staff and personnel were asked to coordinate and strengthen their efforts to improve hospital operations and services to better serve the people of Palau.

Expressing his support for Minister Roberts’ vision for the Ministry of Health, President Remengesau urged Palau’s traditional and elected leaders to work in partnership with Minister Roberts in achieving the nation’s objectives towards better healthcare services and better health of the people of Palau.

“As reputable and respected as Dr. Roberts is as a member of the medical community and Palauan society, I am confident that Minister Roberts will put in the necessary efforts we need to improve government health services towards a healthier Palau.” President Remengesau said at the ceremony.

Dr. Roberts’ Swear-in Ceremony was held at the Central Community Health Center-Koror across Koror Elementary School. [/restrict]