Guests testing cheese during the Wine and Cheese celebration held on Saturday, October 19.

The Rotary Club of Palau had a Wine and Cheese Celebration displaying fine wine for auction. The event had taken place Saturday night at Belau National Museum along with a beautiful display of finger foods and raffle ticket given to win amazing prizes.

There were many rare different kinds of wine but one of the most popular was the Gold Pressco Boy RUT Sparkling Wine and only called Champagne in France because it is illegal to use the word elsewhere which was bided at $115 and $120 this year. They had two of this wine this year for it was very popular last year says MR. Greg Gordon.

Many people attended the event and we got to learn about the universal work of the Rotary club and for their fight in the complete eradication of Polio.

One of the community projects they’re working on is the building of playgrounds in all the elementary schools just like the one in Maris Stella which was also their project. They are now working on building one in Melekeok after that, they will make their way Ngaremlengui, Ngardmau, Ngatpang and all those elementary schools that don’t have a playground. (Kerdeu Uong)