The Rotary Club of Palau donated $4,000 to the Ministry of Health on March 30th to assist with the prevention and control of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

This donation is part of a Cooperative Agreement signed by the Rotary Club along with the Ministry of Health. This agreement entails that the Rotary Club of Palau will help the Ministry of Health prevent and fight infectious diseases in Palau.

The Rotary Club of Palau stated that “this modest donation to support MOH’s COVID-19 campaign is only a fraction of our Club’s generosity but it is what we can donate at this moment.

In their Press Release, they are encouraging other organizations to support the Ministry of Health in their efforts with COVID-19 prevention and control.

The Rotary Club of Palau extends its appreciation to the National Emergency Committee and the Ministry of Health for their tireless efforts in preparing and strengthening Palau to address the COVID-19 threat.