On October 21, 2017, the Rotary Club of Palau will be holding the second of its two annual fund raising activities in order to fund local community service projects.   Our Wine & Cheese Night will be held on the grounds of the Palau National Museum.   

[restrict] Tickets are $35/person and we are encouraging the public to purchase tickets to support the following projects:

  1. Use $5,000 to fund the startup of a robotics club at PHS. This will provide the seed money for the Club to purchase the robotic kits needed to learn about the world of electronics, computing and robot building.   It is intended for this Club to be viable and self-sustaining for many years into the future.

Next year we hope to start at least one new Robotics Club at another school.  Our goal is to have at least one Robotics Club in every high school and elementary school in Palau that is willing to support the program.   If any company in Palau would like to join us in this effort and support a Club in an individual school, please let us know.

  1. Install Obstacle Course Playgrounds at upper and lower Maris Stella E. S. The object of this $5,000 project is to create play activities that encourage and allow more children to actively participate at the same time.   Encouraging greater physical activity by the children is our means of supporting the ROP’s efforts to combat NCD’s in Palau.

Next year we will do this at another school and will continue this annually until all the elementary schools in Palau have the playgrounds they need and can accommodate.   Again if any company would like to sponsor an individual school, we would be happy to work with you if interested.

Any company sponsoring a club, playground or one piece of a playground will be acknowledged with a plaque of their choosing. [/restrict]