Unofficial results of the 17th Kayangel State General Elections have Elmis Ruluked leading the 3-way gubernatorial race with 115 votes and Ricky Ngiraked close behind with 107 votes. Thomas Obak trailed behind both with total of 6 votes.

Leading the race for legislature is Harrington Olebuu with 179 votes, Jerson Hosei with 168, Jack Ngiraked with 139, Sukrad Sbal with 134, Francisca Skiwo with 132, Asailee Yamada with 125, Scott Chiokai with 122, Valentina Bangiar Omelau with 116, Edwin Chiokai with 116, Johebeth Albert with 116, Fredrick Roydan Renguul with 110 and Hester Hesus with 110.    There are 12 seats in the legislature of Kayangel State and 20 candidates vying for the 12 seats.  The difference between the candidates are very slim and some of the top 12 candidates could change after the absentee ballots are counted.

Other candidates were Shannon Sakai, Anathania Timarong, Roman Mongami, Secundino Edboi, Hadley Hesus, Niro Bandarii, Inawo Sebaklim and Capily Mutsuo.

In addition to the 20 candidates, there were 8 write in.  Ricky Ngiraked, candidate for governor also received 80 write in votes for legislature.

Kayangel State has total of 451 registered voters but only 230 votes were cast, 51% of the total registered voters.  59 absentee ballot requests were sent out and as of election day, only 10 have been received.  Tabulation of absentee ballots is June 2nd which means that the next opportunity for the absentee to be received in time for tabulation is Thursday May 28.  (By: L.N Reklai)