A recently concluded Kayangel State 17th General Election may not be over yet and a run-off election for the Office of the Governor is likely due to a certain provision of Kayangel State Constitution.

On June 2, at the final tabulation of the Kayangel’s 17th General Election, 2 candidates for the Office of Governor split the 26 absentee ballots received.  Elmis Ruluked received 12 out of the 26 and Richard Ngiraked received 14.  Thomas Obak received zero.  Gubernatorial candidate Elmis Ruluked remained in the lead with 127 votes while Richard Ngiraked gained some votes but still trailed by 6 votes.

Despite Ruluked leading by 6 votes, a certain provision in Kayangel State Constitution, (Article VIII, Section 3) states that if none of the candidates receives 50 percent of the votes cast, a runoff election between highest and second highest vote-getters will take place.  Total votes cast were 256. Ruluked received 127 and Ngiraked received 121.  Neither candidate received majority of votes cast which may trigger a runoff election.

The 26 absentee ballots did not change the 12 highest vote-getters in the legislature race.  The top 12 remain Harrington Olebuu, Jerson Hosei, Jack Ngiraked, Sukrad Sbal, Francisca Skiwo, Asailee Yamada, Scott Chiokai, Edwin Chiokai, Valentina Bangiar Omelau, Jochebed “Hebeth” Albert, Frederick Roydan Renguul and Hester Hesus.