(CNN)Cruise missiles launched by the Russian Navy hit a number of ISIS targets in Palmyra, Syria, Wednesday, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.


The strikes reportedly targeted militant ISIS “shelters” east of the ancient city, which housed heavy equipment and militant troops transferred from ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa.

“The Admiral Essen frigate and Krasnodar submarine of the Russian Navy conducted strikes by four Kalibr cruise missiles on objects of the ISIS terrorist grouping near Palmyra from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea,” the Ministry statement said. “All targets have been hit.”


The statement said the strike “confirmed the high combat readiness of the Russian Navy forces,” and noted that the US, Turkey and Israel were informed of the strikes at the “appropriate time.”

“(The US, Turkey and Russia) all have the same stated position of destroying ISIS, and so they cooperate on some level,” says CNN’s Matthew Chance.

“All sides are in direct contact with each other and all go to some effort to coordinate their strikes on ISIS and other targets.”

New armaments

The Kalibr missiles are the newly-developed Russian equivalent of the US’ Tomahawk missile, but cost a fraction of the price, says Chance.

“They’re new but it isn’t the first time they’ve used these missiles — last year they were (fired) from a flotilla in Caspian Sea. [/restrict]