Two Russian nationals were deported out of the country yesterday after they were found selling flags around town while on tourist visa in Palau.  The two individuals were reported by locals who were accosted by the individuals claiming to be deaf and selling small Palau flags for $10 each at different shopping center parking lots.

The individuals were apprehended by Immigration Officer Wilbur Tellei and Labor Officer Harison Tell at Rose Garden Resort where they were staying after Immigration Division received reports of alleged illegal activities.  According to report from the Division of Immigration, the men were found at the lobby of the hotel and when informed that what they were doing was illegal, they said that they had hearing problems and have been selling flags to earn money.  Both claimed that their disability prevented them from finding proper jobs.

The men claimed that they brought 600 flags and had sold 400 to the public.  Immigration Officer Tellei and Labor Officer Tell informed the individuals that it was illegal to sell souvenirs on tourist visa.  Their tickets and itineraries were confiscated and rebooked to the earliest departure date which was early morning of the 19th of December.

The individuals were escorted to the airport where they were able to get their tickets rebooked by Asiana and departed early yesterday morning. (Telbakes Yano)