By: L.N. Reklai

May 24, 2016 (Koror) Charges for Trafficking a Controlled Substance and Possession of a Controlled Substance were filed against Sheryl Saito by the Office of the Attorney General on May 24, 2016[.


According to Officer Marlon Bechab, Narcotics Division received information suggesting that Sheryl Saito, defendant, was involved in selling “Ice” or methamphetamine.

Using Confidential Informant (CI), they were able to observe on two separate occasions, Ms. Sheryl Saito arrange and deliver crystal-like substance in heat sealed plastic tubes to CI in exchange for cash.  The substance was tested positive for methamphetamine.

Ms. Saito was charged on two counts of Trafficking a Controlled Substance and two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, all of which are felony charges. [/restrict]