By: L.N. Reklai

August 7, 2017 (Koror,Palau) Attorney General charged Brady Sambal on July 28, 2017, on four counts of Trafficking of Controlled Substance.  Three of the counts are for methamphetamine and one was for marijuana. [restrict]

According to affidavit filed by police officer Nicholas Aguon Jr., at four different times, NEA conducted controlled buy operations with a Confidential Informant and each time they were able to  observe transaction between CI and Mr. Sambal and were able to test  items received by CI as methamphetamine or ice.

Last incident in April of this year involved an interview where Mr. Sambal agreed to have his vehicle searched and be interviewed by the NEA.  During the search, marijuana and cash were found in his car.  During the interview, he admitted to be holding them for another person but refused to reveal that person’s name.

Mr. Sambal was released after the interview while charges were filed against him. [/restrict