Sandra S. Pierantozzi (left) with Palau Conservation Society Executive Director Abolade “Bola” Majekobaje (right)

The founder and current board member of Palau Conservation Society (PCS) Ms. Sandra S. Pierantozzi  presented a check of $5,000 to support future conservation champions of Palau as PCS looks to 25 more years in conservation.

Mr. Marcello Pierantozzi and Mrs. Sandra S. Pierantozzi have been members of PCS’ Corporate Partners for Conservation (CPC) program for the past 21 years contributing to the many conservation outcomes in Palau.

The CPC program was initiated by PCS to provide a platform to the underutilized private sector in Palau and to participate more in the advancement of bio diversity conservation and sustainable resource management.

Since its founding in 1994, PCS has mentored many young successful Palauans that have become conservation leaders in their respective careers. This year, PCS celebrates its 25th anniversary as Palau’s first local conservation non-profit and looks at partners, members and CPCs to continue to support the success of vital conservation projects.

To find out more about supporting PCS and benefits of donating to PCS, contact PCS Development Officer, Ms. Genna Saiske at 488-3993/4716 or (PR)