To boost 2018’s Holiday Spirit, another Night Market will be held on Friday, December 21st at Ernguul Central Park. Santa will make a special appearance, collecting children’s requests to tell him what they want for Palau this Christmas.

This event is following the successful Night Market before Christmas on December 7th, which featured Lulch, Tamara, & Sheldon providing live band entertainment and dance performances from Airai, Meyuns and Ngaremlengui State.

In rich red, orange and green, the Medal Ngedeuill Airai State Dancers provided a traditional dance with beautiful harmony. Young members Ngerdelungch Takeshi and Briella Sakuma sang an Chesols (chant) to thank the Palau Visitors Authority for their work, and Koror State, which accommodates so many visitors, as well as Palauans, who come from other areas to make their homes and find work.

A young group, the Meyuns Dancers was the stars for the Contemporary Dance, which was followed by the Ngermlengui Dancers, a group of four women in grass skirts with comic reflections of their daily lives. Night Market videos can be found on the Facebook and YouTube pages, Pristine Paradise Palau. Night Markets also offer free Wi-Fi so that visitors could share their experiences with friends and family.

The food gets better at the Night Market every time, with a mix of aromas from local to international foods, fried snacks and more. Side events include a Weaving Demonstration by Texxon Taro and Wood Carving Demonstration by Emerita Kerradel. As a repeat of the November 23rd Night Market, there were FUN Kids’ Games with prizes on the grounds of the Old OEK Building.

The Night Markets are a venue for local entrepreneurs to sell and display their products and services, and for local talent to perform in dance or music. On December 7, 2018, there were a total of $6,770.00 in sales sold by 24 vendors to 319 tourists and 861 locals. For information about the December 21st Night Market, please contact Api at 488-1930/2793.

PVA is a semi-autonomous body created by law to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of the Republic. For more information, please contact PVA at 488-1930/2793 or Email to (PR)