22nd Education Convention kick-starts 2017 school year

By: L.N. Reklai

August 1, 2016 (Koror)  With all the schools in Palau slated to start this August, the 22nd Education Convention kick starts 2017 school season by conducting an education conference geared to get educators prepared for the upcoming school year.restrict]

Addressing 1,000 plus educators from 24 schools in Palau (17 public and 7 private schools), President Remengesau Jr. expressed his appreciation for the work that they do to educate Palau’s students.  Recognizing the importance of the teachers’ role in the development of Palau’s young people, he emphasized, “You educate the whole child, the heart, body and mind of our children,” emphasized President Remengesau Jr.

Minister Sinton Soalablai of the Ministry of Education stated in his message to the 22nd Education Convention, “I urge you to continue to inspire and teach our children to be persons of character – that each will be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair and caring person.  The energy and passion you bring to creating opportunities for our children to be successful in their daily lives reflect the simple fact that for us, education is personal.”

With almost 1,000 educators from all public and private schools in Palau (teachers, principles, school support staff) in attendance, Ministry of Education aims to provide refresher consisting of 3 days of workshops and presentations.

Over 60 professional development sessions that cover educational topics as well as services for educators will run concurrently throughout the 3 day-event.

“Use this time to share what you know and have found to be effective practices with your colleagues and friends, while at the same time reflect on and learn from what they share with you,”, recommended Minister Soalablai to educators at the Convention. [/restrict]