Following the successful February 16th Night Market which featured Oldies but Goodies, PVA is pleased to announce that the upcoming March 2nd Night Market will feature a Seafood Festival, as well as a special guest and a mix of traditional and contemporary performances.


In celebration of Palau’s ocean bounty, vendors are requested to prepare seafood dishes at the Night Market, which will take place on Friday night from 5-9pm at Ernguul Central Park. Arrive early to stroll the vendors’ tables and find a good seat to watch the entertainment. Dancers include a traditional performance by Medal Ngediull Dancers, as well as contemporary dance performances by No Limits and the Gucci Dancers. There will also be showcases of Palau’s culture, including Rebetii (spoken chant) and Omengesols (Palauan chant) as well as side activities of weaving by Matsko Taro and wood carving by Shannon Aguon.

PVA is also pleased to introduce a special guest, USA Olympic Skater Brian Hansen, whose recent Olympic experiences can be found on FREE WIFI will also be offered at Ernguul Central Park during the Night Market. Just by liking the Pristine Paradise Palau Facebook page. Visitors can share their experiences with Palauan culture, people and great food. Currently, videos and photographs are posted on our Facebook page

The registration deadline of the Night Market is Thursday, March 1st before 4:00pm at the PVA Office in Medalaii. Also, if you and your group have a budding talent and would like to perform at future Night Markets, please contact Kate Mad at 488-1930/2793. [/restrict]