The most important conversation you’ll ever hear are the ones you’ll have with yourself ~DAVID GOGGINS

Getting over oneself is not something we say to ourselves and see changes instantly.  It takes self awareness to get there.

“The context of the journey of deliverance from the false self and the restoration of the trye self is unique but the process is universal.  It begins with self awareness. The first step to becoming true is becoming aware of the false” writes- Morgan Snyder

And we cannot wait until we are manifesting mental breakdowns, relationships rifts, addictions or certain anger and anxiety symptoms that don’t seem to stop, to then start dealing with our hearts.  We begin by being honest to ourselves, take responsibility for my life and not look to blaming others.  It is in the renewing of our mind that we will eventually become less self-absorbed.  In other words we grow up more each day. The more aware we are of the activities of the mind we can begin to change.  I tell myself to be quiet when I hear my brain busy having a conversation that I didn’t start. And be alert because the conversation can sneak in and start without your consent.

Your false self is the one that was told what to think, feel or act the certain way. It’s the one with a life script you were given to be accepted in the community. Actor gets exhausted and frustrated especially when they miss a line or slipped.  They run away to less wild lovers like a certain drug of choice to forget. We all do that. Not just them.  It us us.

Life is tougher when try to do it alone.  You need a a friend you

 feel safe with… the ones that don’t judge or condemn.  You need a Higher Power to accompany you in your journey to true self.

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