Representing your country in competition is always an honor. For elite male American amateur golfers, that honor will only be magnified in the next decade as the Walker Cup will be contested at three of the country’s most incredible venues.


On Thursday, the U.S. Golf Association announced the American venues through 2025 for the Walker Cup, which, at the risk of oversimplifying, is the amateur equivalent of the Ryder Cup. A team of 10 American players take on a team of 10 players from Great Britain and Ireland in a two-day, match-play competition. In 2021, those 20 players will match up at Seminole Country Club in Juno Beach, Fla., marking the first time the Walker Cup will be played in Florida. Then four years later, when the United States hosts again, Cypress Point Club on the California coast will host, marking the second time the club has done so (1981).

“To have two of the United States’ greatest courses as host sites will not only produce memorable competitions but reinforces the stature of amateur golf in this country,” said Stuart Francis, the USGA’s championship committee chairman.

Both clubs are bucket-list destinations for any dedicated golfer, and the fact that they’re hosting the Walker Cup will add to the meaning of making the teams.

These venues only enhance the already announced Walker Cup slate, with Los Angeles Country Club hosting in 2017 as a precursor to hosting the U.S. Open in 2023.

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