Senate, last week, confirmed appointments of Board members to key public entities that have not had full Boards for a while. 

Richard L. Misech, former PNCC CEO and Jeffery Titiml, former Kayangel Governor, were approved to the Board of Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC).  PPUC has had 3 board members, a quorum but needed 2 more.  PPUC is in the process of finalizing an IPP contract for renewable energy project, implementing tariff for full cost recovery and obtaining the $10 million dollar loan to upgrade and service its infrastructure.

Financial Institutions Commission had three board members approved, Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons, Hermana Idip and Vance Polycarp Basilius. 

Glenn Seid was approved to the Environmental Quality Protection Board while Kione Isechal was accepted to Palau Community College Board of Trustees.

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