The senate, on first day of its 10th Regular Session, approved six presidential appointees, three of which were re-appointments.

Mr. Elia Yobech, Alvina Rehuher Timarong and Juliet Ngotel were re-appointed to the Environmental Quality Protection Board.  All three were renewed for three more years on the EQPB.

The Senate approved the appointment of Gaafar Ucher belau to the Board of Palau National Scholarship.  Mr. Ucher belau is new to the Board and brings with him education and work experiences from both private and public sectors to support mission PNSB.

Meanwhile, Senate approved two new appointees to the Palau Election Commission, Ms. Rolynda Jonathan and Ms. Bisayang Ush Luii.  Ms. Jonathan is currently the assistant press secretary to the President and among other qualifications, brings with her extensive background in media field.  Ms. Luii is a long-time employee of the Palau Passport Office who has served numerous times as volunteer during different state and national election.

The Palau Election Commission Board has not had a quorum to conduct business since the expiration of its third member few months ago.  The Board quorum is required in order to conduct business, especially the proposal to amend the national constitution to restrict absentee ballots. (By L.N. Reklai)