By: L.N. Reklai

May 31, 2017 (Ngerulmud, Palau) Senate, on May 31, 2017, confirmed appointments of Brian Melairei, Director of Bureau of Public Works and Capital Improvement Projects and Greg Decherong of Palau Energy Office to the Board of Directors of Palau Public Utilities Corporation.


Both nominations were approved unanimously in a vote of acclamation, this despite PPUC’s request to hold off on the voting of Mr. Melairei until it can provide clarification on some of the statements made by Melairei during Senate confirmation hearing.

The letter of request from PPUC did not specify which statements the PPUC Board needed to verify, only requested that they hold off the voting until they provide clarifications.

Mr. Melairai served before on the Board of PPUC with now Senator Rukebai Inabo.  Senator Inabo is off-island and was not present at Senate for the confirmation of both PPUC Board nominees. [/restrict]