By: L.N. Reklai

Senate,  in its 24th day of its First Regular session  passed in the second reading a bill to assess $4 of every scuba dive transaction for a Hyperbaric Chamber Fund.  Hyperbaric chamber is used to assist divers that experience diving accidents and is also used to treat certain diabetic related symptoms.


Senate also passed four bills on their first reading, including the three bills in the second reading and adopted House Joint Resolution 10-1-1 to convey sympathies and condolences for the untimely passing of the late Otoichi Besebes.

Bills adopted in their first reading include proposal to require National Census to be taken every 5 years, proposal to regulate plastic bags, bill to create commercial marine license process for sellers and purchasers of fish and reduce allowable weight of exported fish and a bill to provide for harsher penalty for law enforcement officials who abuse controlled substance.

Additional bills passed in second reading include proposal to require Ministry of Health to ensure that citizens in outlying States have access to trained and licensed medical professional.  The third bill passed is House bill 10-6-1, to establish a National Day of Interfaith Prayer. [/restrict]