Twelve campaign signs for Senator Camsek Chin have been defaced along the Compact Road on both the east and west sides of Babeldaob.
The damage seemed to have been targeted at Senator Chin as his were the only campaign signs affected.
Many of the signs were reportedly vandalized on Monday night, October 19, and others the previous nights, with “X”s slashed through the poster paper.
According to Senator Chin, this is not the first time this has happened. During his campaign for the Vice-Presidency and again during his earlier campaigns for the Senate, a number of his posters had been defaced in a similar way. Neither the Senator nor the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) can say why someone seems to be repeatedly targeting the Senator in this way.
Senator Chin stressed that all of the signs are placed on public property.
The BPS has said that it is unlikely that the culprits will be caught, given that there are no security cameras on this part of the Compact Road. But it has reiterated that destruction of others’ property of any sort is a crime.
Senator Chin said that each poster sign costs $45, which added to the costs of wood and labor comes to about $60 per sign. Altogether, with twelve signs vandalized, the Senator estimated the damages to be over $700.
The posters are currently in the process of being salvaged or replaced.
Senator Chin commented that those responsible are “behaving like children”, and that he “feels sorry for them”.
“I’ve never done anything wrong to those responsible that I know of,” the Senator said. “If I have done something, I apologize. Please come and talk to me if I have. But don’t go around destroying property.”

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