The Fifth Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships (PWPP) Forum will be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands on 25-28 September 2017.  Senator Rukebai Kikuo Inabo and Senator J. Uduch Sengebau Senior will be participating in this PWPP and they will be departing the Republic of Palau on September 22, 2017 to attend the forum.  


The Forum is being arranged by Parliament of The Solomon Islands and the Parliament of the Australia, under the Australian Government and fully funded by Pacific Women’s Parliamentary Partnerships (PWPP) project.

Senator Inabo and Senator Senior have been part of PWPP forum since its inception in February 2013.  The PWPP forum aims to build capacity of women members of congress and parliament in the Pacific and develop understanding of the factors that contribute to Pacific women’s success in achieving political office, as well as the support that might be needed once they are elected.

This year the Forum will focus attention on achievements that Pacific women parliamentarians have been made in the region since first PWPP Forum in February 2013 to support gender equality.   At this Forum, Senator Inabo will speak on issues involving women’s economic empowerment while Senator Senior will speak on issues of family violence.

Following the first PWPP Forum in February 2013, Senator Inabo and Senator Senior collaborated with Minister Baklai Temengil Chilton to establish the non-profit organization called the Center for Women Empowerment Belau (C-WEB) which aims to encourage more women to run for political office.

Senator J. Uduch Sengebau Senior told Island Times that Palau’s Constitutional government is a relatively young democracy and the Olbiil Era Kelulau represents the people of Palau.  “As a democracy, we must strive to have 50% women in the Olbiil Era Kelulau by 2033.  This is an achievable goal.  With the Senate’s unanimous approval of Jeraldine E. Tudong as Ambassador of Palau to the European Union, we now have three women Ambassadors.  We also have two women Ministers in the President’s Cabinet.  We also have two women in the House of Delegates.  This is a tremendous achievement for such a young nation”, added Senator Senior. [/restrict]