Senator Baules denies, says was base on cost

By: L.N. Reklai

July 14, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Social media is buzzing with the latest allegation that Senate President Hokkons Baules cancelled Senator Uduch Senior’s trip to Guatamala because of her voting against the resolution to establish trade relations with mainland China.


According to sources, Senate President Baules stated he had denied Senator Uduch Senior’s request to obtain visa for Guatamala in Japan due to the cost of travel to obtain visa, amounting to $2,672 and not for voting against resolution.

Sources also said that Senate President had authorized the travel in June but after Senator Senior voted against the resolution and without consulting Senator Senior, held a meeting with other Senators and deny travel authorization to obtain Senior’s visa.                                                                                                                                                                           Based on information obtain by this paper, Senator President Baules had authorized Senator Senior and Senator Nakamura to travel to Guatamala to represent Senate in meeting on Immigration policy with an expected outcome of a draft bill to address immigration and refugee policy for Palau.  Sources say this was justified by recent issues with people seeking asylums in Palau and lack of established immigration policy.

Furthermore, according to information obtained, Senator Nakamura decided recently not to go and Senator Senior had proceeded as planned. Without Senator Nakamura, report says Senior had paid for a $2600 non-refundable ticket for her husband to accompany her because she was  afraid to travel to Guatamala by herself.

Senator Senior who was set to depart on Wednesday, was reportedly informed via text from staff that her request for funds was denied.  The funding for the trip was to come out of Committee on Youth Affairs, Social Welfare and Culture, chaired by Senator Senior. [/restrict]