The seven fishermen who were reportedly missing after their fishing vessel reportedly capsized West by Southwest of Koror are safe after being rescued by another fishing vessel at sea.

According to a statement by the United States Coast Guard yesterday, the seven crewmebers from Gyotoku Maru #1 were safely located in the Philippines.


The fishermen were rescued and transferred safely by another fishing vessel to General Santos, Philippines.

“We’re incredibly relieved these men are safe and back on dry land,” said Lt. Cmdr. Josh Empen, the search and rescue mission coordinator at Sector Guam. “Special thanks to all our partners with the Department of Defense, Japanese coast guard, the government of Palau, Pacific Mission Aviation and AMVER who quickly brought their resources together in an effort to locate these fishermen in such a remote part of the Pacific.”

President Tommy Remengesau Jr. in his press conference on Wednesday said that Palau’s PSS Remeliik said to the Southwest part of the island nation to help in the search. Pacific Mission Aviation was also a part of the sea search together with the other agencies in Japan and Guam.

At 4:20 a.m., (Hawaii Standard Time), watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Guam received relayed notification from the Japanese coast guard regarding the current status of the Gyotoku Maru No. 1 fishermen.

The fishermen’s vessel capsized after a collision with another fishing vessel. All seven of the fishermen were rescued by crewmembers aboard the second fishing vessel and brought to the Philippines.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Guam initially received an emergency positioning indicating radio beacon alert hit at 9:18 p.m., Sunday (Hawaii Standard Time), alerting them to the possible distress situation prompting the search effort.

Sector Guam watchstanders confirmed an EPIRB hit and registration of the fishing vessel with the Mission Coordination Center in Japan.

The Gyotoku Maru No. 1 is reportedly a longline tuna vessel registered with the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. [/restrict]