The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) recorded a total of seven incidents ranging from road mishaps and assault to theft while the entire Palau was caught in the fever of celebrating the Independence day on October 1.

The series of incidents started as early as 10am when a man reported to the police that his car was allegedly stolen by unidentified boys at SLC.

At around 8:50pm, a victim (name not identified in the report) informed the police that he had been hit by a car at the secondary road in Malakal and that the suspect immediately fled from the scene after the incident.

Another hit and run incident was also reported at around 9pm in the Compact road in Ngatpang-Koksai Intersection. A few minutes after, the police responded to BH Store in Topside after receiving a call that two alleged drunk men identified as Mike Idesmang, 44, and Justino Sbal,58, were allegedly bothering customers at the store. The two men were cited by the police for disorderly conduct.

At midnight, police also received another report that a man identified as Oliver Erbil Oyama was allegedly causing disturbance at a residence in Ngerkebesang.

Police also responded to a scene at Ernguul Park where Lieb Decherong, 37, was reported for alleged reckless driving and property damage and drunk driving.

A man, identified as Omar Remeliik, 24, was also arrested at the Ice Box Park at around 2am after the police received a report that the suspect engaged in a fight with his partner. The suspect was confined for alleged assault and disorderly conduct.

All the cases are still pending investigation by the authorities. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)