On April 26, 2017 the Chief of the Division of Corrections under the Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) authorized a two hour shakedown or search of all inmates’ cells and living quarters. The search included various bureaus of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), including officers of the Narcotics Enforcement Agency, Division of Patrol, Division of Fire and Rescue, including the Division of Corrections officers, and Bureau of Customs.


Results of the shakedown gathered were two cell phones and small portions of marijuana roaches. According to the Chief of the Division of Corrections Mr. Ricky Ngiraked, “this was one of the longest shakedown or searches for the Division, and just goes to show that the search party covered every parts of the living quarters or cells”.

This activity is done randomly and the search teams not only include police officers from the BPS but also the different Bureaus within the Ministry making this a successfully coordinated and effective collaborative effort. More shakedowns will be expected all the way to the end of the year, according to the Chief. [/restrict]