Shallum Etpison, a bearer of the contested title of Rekemesik of Ngatpang State, has been accepted as the new chief Uchelsias of Ngesias of Peleliu by the Ngesias council of Chiefs.

Etpison will be sworn in today, December 21, as member of Peleliu State Legislature by the virtue of his new title Uchelsias.

Shallum Etpison assumes the title Uchelsias after former Uchelsias Yukiwo Shmull passed away this year.  As a matter of Peleliu State law, each top chief of each of the hamlets are members of Peleliu State Legislature and therefore will be sworn in like elected members.

He is the son of former President Ngiratkel Etpison who also bore the title Rekemesik of Ngatpang and his mother is from Peleliu.

The title Rekemesik of Ngatpang State has been contested for years by Surangel Whipps Sr. who is also called the title Rekemesik and Shallum Etpison.  The case to settle this title issue is considered one of the most expensive case ever held in Palau with both contestants admittedly  being two of Palau’s wealthiest people. (L.N. Reklai)