People with mixed nationalities gathered at the Fish ‘n Fins on Sunday night to kick off the 2018 Shark Week.

The Shark Week, which is now on its 16th year, is conducted by the Micronesian Shark Foundation and Fish ‘n Fins and it will run until March 17.


Series of activities are lined up for the event such as nightly lectures, presentations and screening of documentaries.

A movie titled Shark on the Ledge was screened last night, followed by a presentation of the Micronesian Shark Foundation by Tova Bonovski, Fish ‘n Fins owner.

A lecture on Micronesian Shark Foundation work in Palau and Micronesia which cover shark research, data collection, education, and conservation will also be conducted on March 13 while another film titled Shark Island will also be shown on March 14.

Another lecture titled Saving the Last Wild Places in the Ocean will also be presented by Dr. Alan Friedlander of Pristine Seas National Geographic and University of Hawaii on March 15.

Shark week is intentionally slated during the Grey Reef Shark mating season when hundreds of Grey Reefs come into the reef to mate, hence giving participants the chance to get close to these wonderful predators, according to a press statement posted on the website of the Palau Visitor’s Authority.

The shark week will culminate on March 16 with a Gala Evening at the Barracuda Restaurant and Bar in Fish ‘n Fins where participants can enjoy local food and drinks, and raffle draws. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter) [/restrict]